Advantages of Rayon Dress

Published: 05th May 2010
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Rayon is a cellulose fibre which is regenerated and produced from naturally occurring polymers. It is considered as neither a natural fibre nor a man made synthetic fibre. Rayon is totally a semi synthetic viscose fibre which is produced manually in the industries. Usually rayon has high sheen due to its lustre quality and is also called as 'Art silk'.

There are tons of benefits in wearing rayon fabrics. Here we will discuss about some of the advantages of rayon dress.

The first and foremost advantage of rayon dress is that, it will be light weighted, flexible, and gives good shape retention and stability to the users. The rayon dress has anti wrinkle property and hence you need not iron your dress or it may need just a soft iron.

Rayon dress permits perspiration and they have good wicking ability. They would be spongy, soft to touch and are more comfortable to wear. Rayon has superior water repellence quality and does not water stain even if you sweat a lot. The material can be knitted into high quality dress construction with designer work or embroidery work on it. The rayon material naturally has anti microbial property and does not produce much odour if you sweat a lot.

Rayon dress can be tightly woven and the fabric cannot be penetrated by strong wind, cold and rain. They are durable, strong, wind resistant and water repellent. The fabric is resilient and it resists wrinkling even if you use it in washing machines and dryers. It resists pilling and preserves the original shape of the dress. This would also give long life for the dress and keeps the dress from shape pilling.

Rayon dresses have the property to draw dust, germs and pollutants naturally as they are capable of resisting the microscopic surfaces which voids materials like synthetic fabrics, polyester fabrics etc. Rayon dresses are washable and are washable at the water temperature of up to 200 degrees, yet their characteristics, shape, colour and quality remains intact. These dresses also dry quickly and hence it will be ready for you to wear for any special occasions.

Pollutants like lint, duct, hair etc are naturally grabbed by the microfibers without lifting them up. These are due to their electrostatic properties and hence your dresses will be clean protective enough from these pollutants. Rayon material has high absorbing quality and it can absorb water up to 6 to 8 times of its weight. It not only absorbs water, it can also absorb germs, sweat, and odour causing bacteria as well. This feature gives you an odour free and fresh experience when you wear rayon dresses.

As these materials are textured like silk, they can be worn for parties and for special occasions and unlike original silk, they are light weighted too. As rayon materials have fineness, and superior fibre surface, bright, dark and rich colours are easily achievable on these materials. They are highly breathable, reusable, shrink resistant, quickly cleanable and finer than most silk fabrics.

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